Technology That Works

Pilothouse View of Nordlund Yacht


First and foremost, Nordlund hulls are built ocean-tough, to take what nature throws at them. We build them with advanced technology resin-infused Airex cored fiberglass. They're remarkably strong but without added weight. Superstructures can handle wind, waves and weather, with rigid construction that owes its strength to carbon fiber or cored fiberglass.

Redundant systems abound. Twin engines, twin gen sets and twin anchor systems are a few examples of the extra dependability we build in. Roll-fin stabilizers safely reduce the motion, and engine room systems are accessible, serviceable and logical. Pilothouse control systems include engine monitoring, radar, sonar, weather sensors, autopilot, gyro, VHF, thermal imaging cameras, CCTV, vessel monitoring, navigation computers, satellite phone, satellite TV, fishfinder and more.


International boating tends to favor those who plan ahead. Not all ports and fuel stops are safe destinations. Getting low on provisions, water or fuel can lead to less than optimum choices. So every Nordlund has built-in features that help let you pick your destinations. Not the other way around. Things like fuel-efficient hulls that give you added range. Larger fuel tanks, so you can choose your fuel sources wisely, and economically. Larger oil tankage for easier routine maintenance at sea. Higher capacity freshwater production so you're never low. Plus ample cold storage and freezer capacity to store the provisions you'll need for extended voyages.


Our interiors are laser pre-measured and computer aided in their production, so tolerances are consistent and impressive. Careful planning goes into routing of all systems throughout the boat, and access is intelligently designed in, so maintenance is quick and efficient. Zero-speed stabilizing systems allow for greater enjoyment while at anchor. Tank tests validate optimum specs for hull length, width, contours, engine selection, weights and balance. When an owner asks for something special, our teams get together to figure out the options and factors to review. Then we come up with the answers to make the request a reality.

“Nordlund has been repairing, refitting and building custom boats for over 60 years.”