Great Boats, Made Better

Nordlund's Hull Extension of Ocean Alexander Yacht


Modifications to hull length – like the extension we built for the Ocean Alexander shown above – can often do more than just give you more deck space or a better boarding step. Often they can solve issues with unwanted vibrations and noise, or improve boat speed, fuel efficiency or handling in heavy seas. Other structural changes above the water line can add not only new functions but improved aesthetics to your existing boat. Extended upper boat decks give you added room for more or larger launchable watercraft. And custom add-ons like acrylic live bait tanks on the aft deck and remote steering stations can make your boat ready for successful fishing adventures.


As engines, transmissions, gen sets, AC units, water makers, stabilizer systems, thrusters, props and rudder control become more sophisticated, it makes sense to upgrade your existing boat for better reliability, maintenance and ease of handling. Nordlund can bring over 60 years of experience to the updates your boat needs, whether you've just purchased it or have been cruising it a long time. Because we're boat builders, we understand how it's crucial to consider all aspects of your boat, even when focusing on just a handful of upgrades. While specialists can solve one set of concerns for you, we know how all the systems need to cooperate together. And we bring that understanding into every system revision you're considering.


New technology arrives at a rapid pace, and while adding advanced electronics is often the right decision, this choice needs a deeper understanding of how your systems should work together. First, new equipment needs to make things better, not just more complex. Second, it needs to cooperate with the existing electronics that will remain, or with other new equipment being added. And third, it needs to be intelligently selected to match the cruising needs of the vessel and the operational sophistication of the people in command. Having Nordlund guide you in these choices, means not only that the electronics installations will be done right, but that this equipment is backed by suppliers and technical experts that we've worked with for years. And you'll have a trusted partner in the Nordlund yard, standing behind the work in the years ahead.

“Nordlund has been repairing, refitting and building custom yachts for over 60 years.”