Nordlund Design Team

Our Success Relies On Having A Great Team

Ed Monk, Tim Nolan

At Nordlund, we've worked with the same team of design professionals for many years. It's a big part of why our yachts always turn out so well. For 45 years, Ed Monk and his team have been working closely with us and our boat owners, to create designs that are everything the owners could want. And for 25 years, Tim Nolan and his team have provided the structural and engineering experience to make the boats that we build, among the most intelligently planned yachts anywhere. With those relationships, comes not only a trust of their expertise, but an ease of working together that helps us to innovate.

Trusted Vendors

Same thing is true of our other design team members, like the interior designers and all of the suppliers upon whom we rely. Because of them, not only do we know what electronics, paints and engines are best, but what new advancements are about to become available. That's true for every piece of equipment and raw material we use in building a new yacht.

Our suppliers help us plan for on-time deliveries, making sure that everything's ready when needed so projects move ahead smoothly. They help keep us and our yachts up to date with what's newer and smarter. Each knows their specialty, and after over 50 years of building boats they know we're a constant, in an industry full of change.


We all succeed together. The talented craftspeople at our Nordlund yard. The design professionals with whom we work. And the providers who bring us everything we need to create your custom yacht. With great teamwork, comes success.

  • Ed Monk, naval architect

    R. Edwin Monk Naval Architect

    As the second generation of talented Monk family boat designers, Ed Monk and his team are among the most recognized and admired in the yachting industry. For 45 years, they've worked with Nordlund to blend the boat owner's vision of what their yacht should be, with the construction, layout and aesthetic requirements needed to build one remarkable yacht after another at our yard.

  • Tim Nolan Marine Design

    Tim Nolan Marine Design

    Tim Nolan Naval Architect, Marine Engineer, P.E., graduated from the University of Michigan magna cum laude. The team at Tim Nolan Marine Design has handled the marine engineering for Nordlund yachts for 25 years and works closely with Nordlund to ensure that all advanced systems and mechanical aspects of every Nordlund yacht are intelligently designed.