Boat Yard

Talent, Dedication and Innovation

Nordlund Boat Company Boat Yard

Experience Counts

The team at Nordlund brings lifetimes of boat building knowledge onto the shop floor. They work closely with our knowledgeable equipment and materials suppliers, and are involved in every step of serving the extraordinary boats that come to our yard. Our crews work hand in hand with the owner-operators and skippers, to make sure every detail is right. And that every option is explored to achieve an optimum boat.

Ocean Tested Hulls

Because these boats are designed to travel the world, our craftsmen make sure these vessels are up to the task. Our hulls are built incredibly strong for adverse conditions, using advanced resin-infusion layups of cored fiberglass for higher strength and lower weight. More than strong, they're also remarkably fuel efficient for extended voyages.

Nordlund Boat Company Boat Yard

Advanced Construction

Carbon fiber is one of the materials we use for structural components, because of its amazing stiffness and low weight. Fiberglass work is straight and smooth. Stainless work is durable, with a finish worthy of fine art. Pilothouses are intelligently organized to optimize control. Galleys are elegant centers for preparing meals, and a natural place to gather. And engine rooms are built to make sure that maintenance is easy, key machinery and controls are accessible and above all, that reliability and longevity are foremost in their design.

New World Craftsmanship

The talented work force at Nordlund has at its core, people who have been with us for decades. Having a boat repaired, refit or built at our yard in Tacoma means that you'll be working with these master craftsmen who will help make your boat project better, easier and more enjoyable. And while the level of craftsmanship in our Nordlund boats can compare with any others in the industry, there are other distinct advantages to our U.S. made boats.

Made In The USA

Should the time come when chartering your boat – either by you or a future owner – is desired, the benefits of having a U.S. built boat are absolute. And if a part is needed sometime, or a question comes up, we're here to support your boat. So that you can enjoy maximum time cruising, with minimum difficulty in tracing sources or locating needed items. It's all part of why our many years of relationships with suppliers and the consistency of our team, helps make having work done at the Nordlund yard a very intelligent choice.

“Nordlund has been repairing, refitting and building custom yachts for over 60 years.”