About Us

Over 60 Years of Repairing, Refitting and Building Custom Boats

Over 60 Years of Custom Boat Work.

Nordlund began as a family owned and family run boat yard. Brothers Paul and Gary Nordlund grew up in the boat building profession and provided the leadership for the inspired boats created here. Their legacy includes having assembled one of the most talented crews of boat craftsmen you are likely to find in any of the marine yards of the U.S., Asia or Europe. Today we're proud to have over 60 years of experience in repairing, refitting and building custom boats for experienced boat owners.

Paul and Gary Nordlund

Savvy Owners

Our approach to repairing and building boats explains why so many Nordlund owners and others have returned year after year. And why so many owner-operators and skippers choose Nordlund for their repair work. They know us, have enjoyed working with us, and trust that we'll do our job as well as anyone can.

And it's a two way street. Boat work is a lot of fun when an experienced boat owner gets together with a talented yard. One thing we've learned is that these boats are primarily built so you can have fun. So we try to start things off in the right direction by being enjoyable people with whom to work.

Ongoing Relationships

Boaters trust Nordlund. Because there a lot of things to know in repairing, refitting, maintaining and building boats. Purposeful design. Using the newest innovations in equipment. Adding quality craftsmanship to quality materials. Making choices that assure dependability. And over the years our boats and the boats we've served, have proven to have those attributes. That's why we have a very loyal family of boaters. But even more, people return to Nordlund because of the camaraderie here. It's why our customers come back. Simple as that.

Lots of yards can build or repair a boat.

Few succeed at building relationships.

Welcome to Nordlund.

“Nordlund Boat Company has been repairing, refitting and building custom boats for over 60 years in the Pacific Northwest.”